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Ultima - Canada Only

Seasonal Hybrid Antifouling 

• Excellent seasonal antifouling protection

• Hybrid paint film offers all the advantages of hard and ablative paints

• Unique controlled erosion minimizes build up yet stands up to seasonal abuse

• Hybrid technology reduces the need for sanding

• Can be painted up to 12 months before launching

Ultima provides excellent antifouling protection without the costs associated with high-end antifoulants. This unique formula combines all the advantages of both hard and ablative antifouling paints to produce a modern-day paint film designed to stand up to a season’s abuse. Ultima will self-polish over time yet remains durable enough to resist premature wear. It can be hauled and re-launched without repainting, and can be used on most previously painted surfaces. Ultima is equally effective on both power and sailboats, and its attractive price tag makes it an excellent choice for use as a boatyard’s “house paint”. One or two coats per season are recommended for optimal performance.

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