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Black Widow - New for 2017!

Hard, Slick, Burnishable Racing Antifouling

  • Contains four slickening agents: Molybdenum Disulfide, PTFE, Graphite, and Silicon
  • Slickest, fastest, and easiest to clean racing paint
  • Provides high performance, multi season, dual biocide antifouling protection
  • Can be polished to a mirror-like finish

  • Black Widow is the slickest, fastest, ultra-smooth, burnishable racing finish available. Its powerful dual biocides provide multi-season protection in all waters. Black Widow is easily applied by roller, brush, or spray and is easily burnishable to a metallic “gun-metal” shine.

    Black Widow makes an excellent paint for the bottom of any boat where speed is the number one priority, including racing sailboats, and high performance offshore powerboats. Black Widow contains four strong slickening agents: Molybdenum Disulfide, PTFE, Graphite and Silicon.

    Product Information

    Black Widow 1869 Product Data Sheet


    Black Widow 1869 SDS

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