Pettit Paint

Hydrocoat Eco

Copper Free Water Based Multi-Season Ablative

  • Hydrocoat Eco is certified by Lloyds Register
  • Easy application and cleanup with soap & water
  • Water-based, copper-free, self-polishing ablative antifouling paint
  • Co-polymer ablative technology eliminates sanding and paint build-up
  • Dual-biocides provide outstanding multi-season protection in all conditions
  • Uses the power of organic ECONEA™ for better protection and a greener earth

  • Hydrocoat Eco is the newest member of Pettit’s exclusive water-based, copolymer ablative family of bottom paints. The highest level of metal-free ECONEA™ biocide available is combined with a powerful slime fighting inhibitor to provide unprecedented multi-season protection in the toughest marine environments. Innovative Hydrocoat Technology is used to replace the harsh solvents found in most bottom paints with water, providing an easier application and clean up, with low VOC’s, and no heavy solvent smell. Hydrocoat Eco’s co-polymer ablative paint film wears away with use allowing for a controlled release of biocides while eliminating paint build up and the need for sanding between coats. This copper-free formula is compatible over almost all bottom paints and is safe for use on all substrates including steel and aluminum. Hydrocoat Eco will not lose effectiveness when removed from the water.

    Use water to thin if necessary.

    Product Information

    Competitive Levels Of Antifouling Protection

    Econea - Copper Free Biocide

    How To Bottom Paint Bare Gelcoat

    How To Coat Underwater Metals

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    Hydrocoat Eco Product Data Sheet

    Hydrocoat Technology

    Lloyds Register Certificate - Hydrocoat Eco


    Hydrocoat Eco 1104 White SDS

    Hydrocoat Eco 1104 White XL SDS

    Hydrocoat Eco 1204 Blue SDS

    Hydrocoat Eco 1204 Blue XL SDS

    Hydrocoat Eco 1304 Green SDS

    Hydrocoat Eco 1304 Green XL SDS

    Hydrocoat Eco 1604 Red SDS

    Hydrocoat Eco 1604 Red XL SDS

    Hydrocoat Eco 1804 Black SDS

    Hydrocoat Eco 1804 Black XL SDS

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