Pettit Paint

EZ Poxy 2

Two Part Polyurethane Marine Topside Enamel

  • Exceptionally easy two-part polyurethane application
  • Long lasting, extremely durable, high-gloss finish
  • Innovative formula is practically fool-proof
  • More economical and forgiving than the competition

    EZ Poxy2 is a high-performance, two-part polyurethane marine paint without all of the costs and hassles associated with two-part enamels. EZ Poxy2 combines the added gloss, wear resistance, and durability boaters are looking for in a two-part polyurethane enamel with the ease of application of a single part product. This revolutionary formula reduces the effects of brush strokes and is so forgiving; itís practically fool-proof. In fact, EZ Poxy2 is so innovative that it makes exact mixing ratios a thing of the past. Its added UV protection and gloss retention will keep your boat looking shiny and new for years to come. It is more economical, requires less effort, and is more forgiving than the competition.

    Associated Products:
    Primer: EZ Prime - 6149

    Non Skid Additive 9900 - creates a non slip surface.

    Use 120 Thinner for brushing, rolling and clean-up.

  • Product Information

    EZ Poxy 2 Product Data Sheet

    How To Apply Topside Paint, Tips and Tricks


    EZ Poxy 2 Bermuda Green MSDS

    EZ Poxy 2 Black Ice MSDS

    EZ Poxy 2 Blue Moon White MSDS

    EZ Poxy 2 Buff Beige MSDS

    EZ Poxy 2 Commodore Blue MSDS

    EZ Poxy 2 Endeavor Blue MSDS

    EZ Poxy 2 Gull Gray MSDS

    EZ Poxy 2 Lemonade MSDS

    EZ Poxy 2 Mist White MSDS

    EZ Poxy 2 Signal Red MSDS

    EZ Poxy 2 Twilight Blue MSDS

    EZ Poxy 2 White Sand MSDS

    EZ Poxy 2 Yacht White MSDS

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