Pettit Paint

Trinidad SR

Extremely Effective Hard Antifouling Paint With Slime Resistance

  • High Copper Load for Unprecedented Protection
  • Can be Burnished for a Smooth Racing Finish
  • Hard Durable Finish for Long Lasting Performance
  • Added PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) for improved performance

  • Trinidad SR is the standard by which all bottom paints are measured. It remains the longest lasting, strongest antifouling paint available. Utilizing a high copper load and slime resistance, Trinidad SR provides unprecedented resistance to all fouling. Its hard protective coating has excellent adhesion, and withstands the toughest abuse. Left in the water, it will provide years of dependable service. So effective it earned Practical Sailorís "Gear of the Year" honors twice.

    Use 120 thinner for brushing, rolling or clean-up. Use 121 thinner for spraying.

    Product Information

    Trinidad SR Product Data Sheet


    Trinidad SR 1277 Blue SDS

    Trinidad SR 1377 Green SDS

    Trinidad SR 1677 Red SDS

    Trinidad SR 1877 Black SDS

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