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Pettit Products - Material Safety Data Sheets

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Black Widow - New for 2017!
 Black Widow 1869 SDS
EZ-Bond - New for 2017!
 EZ-Bond Epoxy Glue 7080 Part A&B SDS
EZ-Poxy Performance Enhancer - New for 2017!
 EZ-Poxy Performance Enhancer 3021 SDS
EZ-Tex - New for 2017!
 EZ-Tex Epoxy Repair Compound 7100 - Part A SDS
 EZ-Tex Epoxy Repair Compound 7100 - Part B SDS
H2 Prime - New for 2017!
 H2 Prime 4740/4741 Part A SDS
 H2 Prime 4740/4741 Part B SDS
SeaGold - 2017 IBEX Innovation Award Winner!
 SeaGold Varnish 2045 - SDS
Ablative Thinner
 Ablative Thinner 185 SDS
Aluma Protect
 AlumaProtect 4400 Part A - SDS
 AlumaProtect 4401 Part B - SDS
Alumaspray +
 Alumaspray Antifouling Aerosol 1763 Gray SDS
 Alumaspray Antifouling Aerosol 1863 Black SDS
 Bio Blue Hull Surface Prep 92 SDS
Brushing Thinner
 Brushing Thinner 120 / T10 SDS
Captain's Varnish
 Zspar Captains Varnish 1015 SDS
Copper Bronze
 Copper Bronze 1933 SDS
Copper Guard
 Copper Guard 1042 Blue SDS
 Copper Guard 1043 Green SDS
 Copper Guard 1046 Red SDS
 Copper Guard 1048 Black SDS
Epoxy Thinner
 Epoxy Thinner 97 SDS
 EZ-Bilge 3124 White SDS
 EZ-Bilge 3125 Gray SDS
 EZ-Decks 3127 White SDS
 EZ-Decks 3128 Off-White SDS
 EZ-Decks 3129 Platinum SDS
EZ-Poxy / Easypoxy
 3106 Semi Gloss White SDS
 3108 Hatteras Off White SDS
 3175 White SDS
 3176 Blue Glow SDS
 3184 Mediterranean White SDS
 3208 Hatteras Cream SDS
 3213 Blue Ice SDS
 3229 Bikini Blue SDS
 3237 Electric Sapphire Blue SDS
 3248 Ocean Blue SDS
 3290 Dark Blue SDS
 3303 Dull Dead Grass SDS
 3333 Seafoam Green SDS
 3348 Jade Green SDS
 3350 Kelly Green SDS
 3415 Sunflower Yellow SDS
 3456 Fighting Lady Yellow SDS
 3510 Brightwork Brown SDS
 3518 Sandtone SDS
 3520 Grand Banks Beige SDS
 3624 Fire Red SDS
 3626 Burgundy SDS
 3705 Mist Grey SDS
 3706 Pearl Gray SDS
 3711 Platinum SDS
 3715 Seattle Gray SDS
 3720 Steel Gray SDS
 3801 Black SDS
 EZ-Poxy Satin Additive 9080 SDS
 EZ-Poxy Skidless Additive Compound 9900- SDS
EZ-Poxy 2
 EZ-Poxy 2 Bermuda Green MSDS
 EZ-Poxy 2 Black Ice MSDS
 EZ-Poxy 2 Blue Moon White MSDS
 EZ-Poxy 2 Buff Beige MSDS
 EZ-Poxy 2 Commodore Blue MSDS
 EZ-Poxy 2 Endeavor Blue MSDS
 EZ-Poxy 2 Gull Gray MSDS
 EZ-Poxy 2 Lemonade MSDS
 EZ-Poxy 2 Mist White MSDS
 EZ-Poxy 2 Signal Red MSDS
 EZ-Poxy 2 Twilight Blue MSDS
 EZ-Poxy 2 White Sand MSDS
 EZ-Poxy 2 Yacht White MSDS
 EZ-Prime 6149 Undercoater SDS
EZ-Wood Sealer
 EZ-Wood Sealer 2018 SDS
Fiberglass Dewaxer
 Fiberglass Dewaxer (Bottom Prep) D95 SDS
Flagship Varnish
 Z-Spar Flagship Varnish 2015 SDS
 Flexpoxy 7076 SDS Part A
 Flexpoxy 7076 SDS Part B
Hi-Build Varnish
 Hi-Build Varnish 2056 SDS
 Horizons 1250 Blue SDS
 Horizons 1350 Green SDS
 Horizons 1650 Red SDS
 Horizons 1850 Black SDS
Horizons - Canada Only
 Horizons Black (Canadian) MSDS
 Horizons Blue (Canadian) MSDS
 Horizons Green (Canadian) MSDS
 Horizons Red (Canadian) MSDS
 Hydrocoat 1240 Blue SDS
 Hydrocoat 1340 Green SDS
 Hydrocoat 1640 Red SDS
 Hydrocoat 1840 Black SDS
Hydrocoat Eco
 Hydrocoat Eco 1104 White SDS
 Hydrocoat Eco 1104 White XL SDS
 Hydrocoat Eco 1204 Blue SDS
 Hydrocoat Eco 1204 Blue XL SDS
 Hydrocoat Eco 1304 Green SDS
 Hydrocoat Eco 1304 Green XL SDS
 Hydrocoat Eco 1604 Red SDS
 Hydrocoat Eco 1604 Red XL SDS
 Hydrocoat Eco 1804 Black SDS
 Hydrocoat Eco 1804 Black XL SDS
Hydrocoat SR
 Hydrocoat SR 1247 Blue SDS
 Hydrocoat SR 1647 Red SDS
 Hydrocoat SR 1847 Black SDS
Inflatable Boat Antifouling Paint
 Inflatable Antifouling 1841 Black SDS
Lobster Buoy Enamels
 Lobster Buoy Enamel 11105 White SDS
 Lobster Buoy Enamel 11509 Orange SDS
 Lobster Buoy Enamel 11611 Red SDS
 Lobster Buoy Enamel 11831 Black SDS
Metal Primer
 Metal Primer 6455 SDS Part A
 Metal Primer 6455 SDS Part B
 Neptune 5 1243 Blue SDS
 Neptune 5 1343 Green SDS
 Neptune 5 1643 Red SDS
 Neptune 5 1843 Black SDS
Old Salem Copper Bronze 1959
 Old Salem Copper Hard Racing Bottom Paint 1959 SDS
Pettit Protect
 Pettit Protect 4100 White (Part A) SDS
 Pettit Protect 4101 White (Part B) SDS
 Pettit Protect 4700 Gray (Part A) SDS
 Pettit Protect 4700 Gray (Part A) XL SDS
 Pettit Protect 4701 Gray (Part B) SDS
 Pettit Protect 4701 Gray (Part B) XL SDS
Pontoon Pro
 Pontoon Pro - 1008 Black SDS
Prop Coat Barnacle Barrier
 Prop Coat Barnacle Barrier 1792 SDS
Rustlok Steel Primer
 Rustlock Steel Primer 6980 SDS
Satin Varnish
 Captains Satin Varnish V975 SDS
 SC-21 Fresh Water Powder - SDS (Part 2 of 2)
 SC-21 Fresh Water Speed Coating 1221 Blue - SDS (Part 1 of 2)
 SC-21 Fresh Water Speed Coating 1921 Bronze - SDS (Part 1 of 2)
 Seamate 1625 Red SDS
 Seamate 1825 Black SDS
Shipendec and Z*Spar Enamels
 Z-Spar Enamel - 99 Solid Coat Gloss White SDS
 Z-Spar Enamel - 100 Gloss White SDS
 Z-Spar Enamel - 101 Semi Gloss White SDS
 Z-Spar Enamel - 102 Gloss Black SDS
 Z-Spar Enamel - 104 Flat White SDS
Skip Sand Primer
 Bottom Prep - Skip Sand Primer 6998 SDS
Splash Zone Epoxy A788
 Splash Zone A788 'Part A' SDS
 Splash Zone A788 'Part B' SDS
Spraying Thinner
 Spraying Thinner 121 / T8 SDS
 SR-21 Copper Powder SDS (Part 2 of 2)
 SR-21 Fresh Water Antifouling Paint - Blue 1221 SDS (Part 1 of 2)
 SR-21 Fresh Water Antifouling Paint - Bronze 1921 SDS (Part 1 of 2)
The Protector
 Z-Spar B90 Red SDS
 Z-Spar B91 Blue SDS
 Z-Spar B93 Green SDS
 Z-Spar B94 Black SDS
Tie Coat Primer
 Tie Coat Primer 6627 SDS
Transducer Paint
 Transducer Spray 1793 SDS
 Trinidad 1275 Bue SDS
 Trinidad 1375 Green SDS
 Trinidad 1675 Red SDS
 Trinidad 1875 Black SDS
Trinidad 75
 Trinidad 75 1071 Light Blue SDS
 Trinidad 75 1072 Blue SDS
 Trinidad 75 1076 Red SDS
 Trinidad 75 1078 Black SDS
 Trinidad 75 1079 Special Black SDS
Trinidad Pro
 Trinidad Pro 1082 Blue SDS
 Trinidad Pro 1082 Blue XL SDS
 Trinidad Pro 1083 Green SDS
 Trinidad Pro 1083 Green XL SDS
 Trinidad Pro 1086 Red SDS
 Trinidad Pro 1086 Red XL SDS
 Trinidad Pro 1088 Black SDS
 Trinidad Pro 1088 Black XL SDS
Trinidad SR
 Trinidad SR 1277 Blue SDS
 Trinidad SR 1377 Green SDS
 Trinidad SR 1677 Red SDS
 Trinidad SR 1877 Black SDS
Trinidad VOC
 Trinidad VOC 1278 Blue SDS
 Trinidad VOC 1378 Green SDS
 Trinidad VOC 1678 Red SDS
 Trinidad VOC 1878 Black SDS
Ultima - Canada Only
 Ultima Canada 1282 Blue SDS
 Ultima Canada 1882 Black SDS
Ultima Eco
 Ultima Eco 1108 White
 Ultima Eco 1208 Blue
 Ultima Eco 1608 Red
 Ultima Eco 1808 Black
Ultima SR-40
 Ultima SR-40 1092 Blue SDS
 Ultima SR-40 1093 Green SDS
 Ultima SR-40 1096 Red SDS
 Ultima SR-40 1098 Black SDS
Ultima SR-60
 Ultima SR-60 1032 Blue SDS
 Ultima SR-60 1032 Blue XL SDS
 Ultima SR-60 1033 Green SDS
 Ultima SR-60 1033 Green XL SDS
 Ultima SR-60 1036 Red SDS
 Ultima SR-60 1036 Red XL SDS
 Ultima SR-60 1038 Black SDS
 Ultima SR-60 1038 Black XL SDS
Ultima SSA
 Ultima 1281 Blue SDS
 Ultima 1284 Dark Blue SDS
 Ultima 1381 Green SDS
 Ultima 1681 Red SDS
 Ultima 1881 Black SDS
 Ultima SSA 1281 Blue SDS
 Ultima SSA 1282 Dark Blue SDS
 Ultima SSA 1381 Green SDS
 Ultima SSA 1681 Red SDS
 Ultima SSA 1881 Black SDS
Ultra-Clear Varnish
 Z-Spar Captains Ultra Clear Varnish 2067 SDS
Underwater Metal Kit 6456
 Underwater Primer 6456 SDS
 Unepoxy 1228 Blue SDS
 Unepoxy 1328 Green SDS
 Unepoxy 1628 Red SDS
 Unepoxy 1810 Black SDS
 Unepoxy Product Data Sheet - Spanish
Unepoxy - Canada Only
 Unepoxy Black (Canadian) MSDS
 Unepoxy Blue (Canadian) MSDS
 Unepoxy Red (Canadian) MSDS
Unepoxy Plus
 Unepoxy Plus 1218 Blue SDS
 Unepoxy Plus 1318 Green SDS
 Unepoxy Plus 1618 Red SDS
 Unepoxy Plus 1818 Black SDS
 Vivid 1161 White SDS
 Vivid 1161 White XL SDS
 Vivid 1261 Blue SDS
 Vivid 1261 Blue XL SDS
 Vivid 1361 Green SDS
 Vivid 1361 Green XL SDS
 Vivid 1461 Yellow SDS
 Vivid 1461 Yellow XL SDS
 Vivid 1661 Red SDS
 Vivid 1661 Red XL SDS
 Vivid 1861 Black SDS
 Vivid 1861 Black XL SDS
VOC Free Thinner
 120VOC Free Thinner SDS
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