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Antifouling Paint

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Ablative Antifouling

  • Resists build up and reduces the need for sanding.
  • Surface wears away over time, consistently exposing fresh biocides.
  • Highly compatible over most bottom paint finishes.

Hard Antifouling

  • Durable paint films withstand beaching and abuse.
  • When left in the water, provides long term protection.
  • Easily burnished for a smooth racing finish.

Water-based Antifouling

  • There is a Hydrocoat product for every boat, region and wallet.
  • Hydrocoat products are water-based therefore clean up with soap and water.
  • Hydrocoat works as effectively than most premium antifouling.
  • Hydrocoat has no nasty solvents and no chemical smell.
  • Hydrocoat can be applied over any other bottom paint.

Vivid Antifouling

  • Clean, bright colors including a true white and black.
  • Hybrid technology, multi-season paint film great for trailering and dry storage.
  • Smooth, slick burnish-able racing finish resists build-up.
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